Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Allie's Almost Here!!

 Today started out as a pretty normal Wednesday. After dance from nine till noon, Mom nagged me to clean my room. Honestly, why does it need cleaning? I'll just make it messy again in a few weeks. That's one thing I've never understood about parents. Why in the world they need things ABSOLUTELY SPOTLESS before they can rest.
After 45 minutes of cleaning (which means sort-of cleaning while simultaneously texting, lounging, reading, playing with the dog, texting...), I had managed to put away three pairs of pants. That's about when Mom came in and was like "You've been at it for 45 minutes and only put away three pairs of pants?!?!?!" Frankly, I was also surprised I had gotten that much done in that little amount of time too. But apparently that's not what mom meant. After that she started helping and 10 minutes later I was finished. What's that one saying again? Mother's hands make light work? Or something like that. That's one thing I do like about moms: How fast they clean up!

 I decided to not make another mess in my nice and clean room and just sit on my bed relaxing by re-reading The Hunger Games for the millionth time, playing with my puppy, Baxter, and answering any texts that came in.

 Suddenly, my phone buzzed. 
New Text Message From 
The message read:
hey i just had a gr8 idea i need 2 tell u in person its that great! can i come over?
I quickly typed back:
Sure! C u soon! :-)

 A few minutes later, Sabrina came bounding into my room. "I just had, like, the GREATEST idea ever!" She cried.
"Yeah. I could tell from your text. So what is it?"
"You know how Alice is coming into town tomorrow?"
"We should throw her a welcome back party!!"
"That IS a great idea!" I cried, "But we'll have to have it ready by tomorrow."
 Sabrina sat down on my bed and shrugged. "We don't need to make it fancy. She won't want it too fancy. Just something fun and casual." So we started to brainstorm ideas. After a few minutes of thinking, we decided that it would just be a sleepover at my house (Sabrina insists my house is the coolest), with the two of us, Allie and another girl, Audrey, who was our other good friend from school. It's going to be tomorrow night, and it's going to be a surprise for Allie! I'll update you tomorrow or the next day on how it goes. Peace out!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Update

Wow. Has it really been two months? I didn't mean to disappear, but things got really busy. REALLY busy. I'm going to try to update you as quickly as possible to save you from the boredom of this post.

So, I'll start from several days after when I last posted. Sabrina and I were hanging out after school at my house, just talking and stuff before we went to dance (it was ballet that night, I believe), anyway, mom came in and said,"Guess what!?" Sabrina and I looked at each other, pretty much lost for guesses. She answered her own question by exclaiming, "Alice is coming to visit in June!" Sabrina and I gasped and squealed with delight. Let me explain. Alice was one of our best friends last year, we did everything together, the three of us. And then Alice moved to away, and we haven't seen her since. "Wait! I'm not finished yet," Mom said, "Alice will be here for two weeks, and then her entire family will be moving back here in September!" That wiped the excitement from our faces. It's not that I mind most of Allie's family. Most of them. I do mind Kristin though. She's three years older than Allie, Sabrina and I, and because of that thinks she's the boss of the world. Did I mention that she hates my guts? Yeah. One time I was at Allie's house, and Kristin was all like, "Let's play a game. Hide-and-go-seek, ready I'm it!" And we all ran off and hid, and I had the best hiding spot ever, but Kristin had found everyone else, and she was like, "OK, great job everyone!" But Allie was said, "Wait! Where's Amanda?" And Kristin proceeded to conduct a search-and-rescue for me, where naturally she was the leader, and somehow searched everywhere in the house and outside except for where I was hiding the attic. They didn't even check up there! Meanwhile, I had no idea what was going on, and was starting to wonder why it was taking them so long to find me. Finally, it was Allie who decided to check in the attic for me, and Kristin apologized very insincerely for "forgetting" me. Ever since then she's hated me. I haven't the slightest clue why. So back to my story. Sabrina and I looked at each other. We couldn't believe the whole family was moving back. Oh, and Ruth, Allie's other older sister, hates Sabrina, but not as much as Kristin hates me. So besides Allie herself, we have problems with Allie's family. But since we get Allie back, we decided it was something to look forward to, I mean when they move back. Hopefully we'll see as little of Kristin and Ruth as possible. Hopefully.

By way of other news, Sabrina and I got moved from the Intermediate B dance class to Advanced A class for both jazz and ballet. Each advanced class requires you to dance for 8 hours a week, so we had to drop hip-hop and tap. Sadness...but since I'm doing my two favorite dance styles still, it's OK. The schedules are pretty crazy though. Monday through Friday we dance three hours daily, one hour each spent with a privet trainer, working for a half hour each on jazz and ballet, then one hour each spent with the Advanced A classes for jazz and ballet. Then, on Saturdays, we do a half-hour of training with jazz and ballet classes, 45 minutes on strength training, and one hour of whatever we want to practice, whether it's a refresher workshop for tap and hip-hop (we don't want to loose our skills in those styles!) or just a little extra rehearsal before a big performance.

So, trying to make this post not-too-long didn't really work out, I guess. But hey, I did have to update you. Congratulations if you read to the end of this! I'll update with some more things soon.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy (Belated) Easter!

 I know it's late in posting, but who cares? I had a great Easter, did you?

This picture is of me in my Easter dress. Mom says it's a timeless style, but I think it's kind of old fashioned. I would have much preferred if it had a pencil-skirt, or was shorter, but oh well, it works.
I got a cute easter basket, Lindt chocolate bunny and jumbo easter egg.
The easter egg was filled with jumbo jellybeans! I love those!
They're really big!
I went outside to do my Easter egg hunt. Look, I found an egg!
Into the basket it goes!
I collected quite a few eggs.
It was then time to take spring/Easter pictures.

I climbed this tree, and mom said, "get out before you tear your dress," but it did make a great picture, don't you think so?
I love our white blossomed trees!
The tulips are officially in bloom!

After the photo-shoot, mom and I picked some white flowers to make a center-piece for when Sabrina and her family came over for dinner.

So that was my Easter. Did you enjoy yours?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hello World!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda Quinn Nightingale, and I'm an 11 year old American Girl Doll. I'm an only child to a single mother. I've been a dancer since I was 3 years old. I dance...just about everything. I do ballet, tap, hip-hop and, my favorite, jazz! I dance every weeknight year-round, Mondays tap, Tuesdays jazz, Wednesdays jazz, Thursdays ballet and Fridays jazz again. 

Just last week we did our dance pictures. This is one of my favorites cause it's at an interesting angle.
Full view of me. I have shoulder length curly brown hair and green eyes. I started wearing glasses last year.

Here's a photo I took just now of me, so you can see that I don't always dress in tanks and sweats. Only at dance.
This is me with my best friend Sabrina. I've known Sabrina since we took tiny-tots ballet when we were 3. That's a long time to know a person!
Sabrina and I could be twins. Or at least sisters. She has longer, straighter and redder hair then I do, she;s slightly taller than I, she doesn't wear glasses, and her eyes are a little brighter green. Ok, so we used to look more alike then we do now. But, we are BFFs. I can't imagine what I would do without Sabrina.