Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy (Belated) Easter!

 I know it's late in posting, but who cares? I had a great Easter, did you?

This picture is of me in my Easter dress. Mom says it's a timeless style, but I think it's kind of old fashioned. I would have much preferred if it had a pencil-skirt, or was shorter, but oh well, it works.
I got a cute easter basket, Lindt chocolate bunny and jumbo easter egg.
The easter egg was filled with jumbo jellybeans! I love those!
They're really big!
I went outside to do my Easter egg hunt. Look, I found an egg!
Into the basket it goes!
I collected quite a few eggs.
It was then time to take spring/Easter pictures.

I climbed this tree, and mom said, "get out before you tear your dress," but it did make a great picture, don't you think so?
I love our white blossomed trees!
The tulips are officially in bloom!

After the photo-shoot, mom and I picked some white flowers to make a center-piece for when Sabrina and her family came over for dinner.

So that was my Easter. Did you enjoy yours?

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